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What is UrTAA ?
What software is required to use UrTAA ?
How is my accuracy calculated ?
Why doesn't UrTAA diplay accuracy by weapons ?
Why did U write UrTAA ?
How to run UrTAA ?
Is UrTAA theme-capable?
What is alias.conf ?
How do I make the produced file available on the WWW ?
How can I request new functionalities ? Or send feedback ?

What is UrTAA ?

UrTAA is a Urban Terror Accuracy Analyser Sounds cool

It uses Perl language to parse your qconsole.log.
It generates an HTML file that shows your shots accuracy.

The produced HTML file contains:
-two maps of human body: one displays where you hit other players, the other where players hit you.
-two tables that display same kind of information than maps of human body.
-two tables displaying weapon usage: one for weapons u used, the other for weapons that killed you.
-bullets to players and bullets from players tables
-top five players (by netto) table
-table resuming your personal statistics (Rank/K/D/S/N/TK)

I did not say UrT skill is accuracy only. I know it's not. You know it's not. violent

What software is required to use UrTAA ?

UrTAA needs Perl, Quake3+Q3ut2 (2.6a)  mod and of course a browser to view the result.
For Windows users, Perl for Windows is freely available at ActiveState site under the name ActivePerl.
For Linux users, Perl is provided with each Linux distros (to browse, Mozilla 1.3 or later works fine).

How is my accuracy calculated ?

Based on the settings in conf/score.conf file.

100% in head => 10 x 10 = 100.0 of accuracy
10% in head and 90% in legs => 1 x 10 + 9 x 2 =  28.0 of accuracy
10% in head and 50% in kevlar and 40% in legs =>  1 x 10 + 5 x 7 + 4 x 2 =  60.0 of accuracy

Maximum is 100.0, minimum is 10.0, and 50.0 is average.
This must be tweaked. Hope I will receive mails about that laugh

Why doesn't UrTAA diplay accuracy by weapons ?

Currently it is not possible sad
What q3ut2 logs: your hits (each bullet that reached)  and the weapon u used for each kill.
But we have no idea if the five bullets you shot before you killed SupaNoob laugh where from the same weapon.
What could be added in UrTAA: a "supposition-table" based on the fact it would only works for "no-weapon-switch" frags.

Why did U write UrTAA ?

1- To bring something to the Urban Terror Community, SID did such a great work.
2- To offer a Perl-only solution that displays graphics.
3- I am currently jobless so I have time for open source.
4- For Fame  laugh

How to run UrTAA ?

perl urtaa.pl your_log_file_name your_player_name

your_log_file_name  will usually be qconsole.log and is produced by setting cvar logfile to "3" in q3config.cfg your_player_name is the nickname u used to play Urban Terror.

Is UrTAA theme-capable?

Yeap proud
Currently, two additionnal themes are available "urban" and "blue-urban".
They are download links at UrTAA main download page.

SID I hope you won't mind but I took the "/skins/urban.jpg" and I forgot to ask evil Thanks SID.

The heavy/boring part of designing your own theme is to create 117 png images for level of injure, 9 for each zone. My advice is to use aerograph tool with low opacity level.

To design your own theme, you must follow steps below

Step 1- Make a copy of the theme/default directory in theme/mytheme for example.

Step 2- Choose a png image that shows a human in front a of you, the image  must allow you to crop easily sub-areas.
You need to crop 13 areas from the original image: head.png, neck.png, kevlar.png, waist.png, groin.png, l-arm.png, r-arm.png, l-hand.png, r-hand.png, l-leg.png, r-leg.png, l-foot.png, r-foot.png.

Step 3- Try to assemble the 13 images in a HTML table the right way. Must look like this.
The example doesn't show that legs are in fact 2 pics : r-leg and l-leg. Same for feet.
To make space disappear, your table must have cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0".
The way you assemble pics in table has no importance but it must look as if the was only one image.

Step 4- You must copy the HTML table you just build in a html file called template_body.html in your theme/mytheme directory.
Replace "head.png" by "@HEAD-IMG@" and add title="@HEAD-TEXT@" alt="@HEAD-TEXT@" for the image. Replace "neck.png" by "@NECK-PNG@" and add title="@NECK-TEXT@" alt="@NECK-TEXT@" for the image. Do the same kind of replacement for the 11 other images.

Step 5- For each image of area like head.png you must create 10 images: head0.png, head1.png, ... head9.png.
head0.png is a representation of head with no hit.
head1.png is a representation of head with small amount of hit.
head2.png is a representation of head with bigger amount of hit.
and so on until head9.png which is the image of a head with many hits laugh
This means you must create 13 x 9  = 117 png images since head0.png is a head.png renamed, neck0.png is a neck.png renamed, etc...

Step 6- Run  UrTAA to see if all looks good.
Then, you can modify  your urtaa.css in theme/mytheme directory to make the html page look the way you want.

Step 7- At last happy If you are proud of your UrTAA theme, please do a zip file with theme/mytheme content and send it to me at fedor@free.fr with "UrTAA Theme" in subject.

If it looks good enough tongue I ll make it available on UrTAA page.
I suppose many many people can do better than the 3 existing themes.

Tips: You can modify main page disposition/diplay by modifying place of include directive in template_main.html.

What is alias.conf ?

alias.conf which resides in conf/ directory allow you to replace numeric address of server by their human readable name.

For example:    "Aardvark UT TDM (FF on)"

means that if you play to server, and uses UrTAA,
the string "" will be replaced with string "Aardvark UT TDM (FF on)".

How do I make the produced file available on the WWW ?

You just need to
1- copy with FTP client the produced HTML file to your remote destination directory
2- copy with FTP client the themes directory and its subdirectories to your remote destination directory
That's all happy

How can I request new functionalities ? Or send feedback ?

Mail to fedor@free.fr or denisetienne@yahoo.fr with "UrTAA" in subject.

Author: Denis ETIENNE
Creation Date: 23/02/2003
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