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04-30-2004 - UrTAA Java version available: UrTAA v1.2b

04-02-2003 - UrTAA Java version available: UrTAA v1.2a

Take a look.

Many bugs fixed. I didn't spend enough time on test when releasing previous version. Sorry.
Body map didn't display pictures for the areas bullets didn't reach.
Extra @ in title of HTML page. Hope this release will be better.

03-14-2003 - Online demo of Perl version now available !!

Privacy: Feel free to try the on line demo. I won't do anything with your qconsole.log file. As soon as the html file is generated the qconsole.log is deleted from the disk. All that remains is the last generated html file which is publicly viewable in the /generated directory. D. Etienne. (UrTAA Project admin)

Hints: The player name you will enter must be your exact player name. If the entered string doesn't match you won't get any interesting results.

Hints: You can save the generated file on your local disk with your browser and unzip the corresponding UrTAA package (default, urban or blue-urban) on your local disk to keep generated file as long as you want.

03-13-2003 - UrTAA Java version available: UrTAA v1.2

03-12-2003 - New UrTAA Perl version available: UrTAA v1.1b
This version fixed bugs of UrTAAv1.1.
Changelog since UrTAAv1.1

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03-02-2003 - Decision taken to write a UrTAA1.1 Java version !
Sorry Mac OS users, the Perl versions of UrTAA doesn't run on Mac OS.

02-28-2003 - Release 1.1 of UrTAA is available ! (release notes)
Plz do not download v1.1 themes and use them with UrTAA1.0 ! Use v1.1 themes with UrTAA1.1 !

02-24-2003 - Release 1.0 of UrTAA is available !

UrTAA is a Urban Terror Accuracy Analyser Sounds cool
Take a look.

It uses Perl language to parse your qconsole.log. All U need is Perl.
It generates an HTML file that shows your shots accuracy.

The produced HTML file contains:
-two maps of human body: one displays where you hit other players, the other where players hit you.
-two tables that display same kind of information than maps of human body.
-two tables displaying weapon usage: one for weapons u used, the other for weapons that killed you.
-bullets to players and bullets from players tables
-top five players (by netto) table
-table resuming your personal statistics (Rank/K/D/S/N/TK)

I did not say UrT skill is accuracy only. I know it's not. You know it's not. violent

To run UrTAA, type the following line under a DOS prompt:
perl urtaa.pl qconsole.log my_nickname

Windows user, you can download perl for free on the ActiveState site,
go at the bottom right of their page and choose "ActivePerl/download".
Mac users can go here to get Perl for free.
If you are a Linux user, you have already perl installed on your computer.

Author: Denis ETIENNE
Creation Date: 23/02/2003
Email: detienne@users.sourceforge.net

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